wytches.net : The Wytches ISP

Hail, greetings and welcome! You have found the homepage of the world's first pagan-owned, pagan run Internet Service Provider, The Wytches ISP. Our aim is to offer reliable, high-quality Internet services to the Pagan community.

What do we offer?

Broadband Internet Access: Ultra-fast - Always On

Fast: High speed digital access to the Internet using your existing telephone line.
Flexible: Does not affect normal use of your phone line, so you can use the phone or fax while on-line.
Always On: No need to waste time waiting for a dial-up connection, with us you're always connected.
Full email and web services are included with Wytches broadband.

PAYG access, Simple, FREE, Get online in minutes

With no monthly subscription to pay, local-rate dial-up access gives you a host of essential features to get you online, with absolutely no commitment. Perfect for Internet access whenever and wherever you choose, with Wytches PAYG you just pay for the online time you use.
Full email and web services are included with Wytches PAYG.

Domain Name Registration - Make your mark on the Internet

You now have Freedom to register and operate your own domain name without the traditional cost of hosting or having the hassle of forwarding to webspace hosted on third party servers.

How do I get started?

1. Use the "sign up now" link at the top or bottom of this page, this will take you to our basic signup page where you can create your core account and wytches.com email address.
2. Once you have signed up, you can use your username and password to enter our shopping system via your Account Control Panel, from where you can order broadband, domain names, and a variety of other Internet services. Your core account also acts as an unrestricted 0845 PAYG access account, so you can keep in touch on the move when you're away from your broadband connection.

The Wytches ISP is a Stormshadow network service powered by 186k.